Click to enlargeCalf-Eze Dual Action Puller


Made in the USA. Designed to deliver calves quickly and safely, with less effort from the cow. Engineered with a dual action pulling motion. This results from the jack having two pulling points that alternately shift the pull from one leg of the calf to the other. This allows for a more natural delivery by allowing one of the calf’s shoulders to enter the birth canal slightly before the other. This helps prevent the calf’s shoulders from becoming locked in the pelvic area of the cow.
Utilizes a unique jack design feature – consists of two sets of cams that contain 2 hardened steel plates and one spring each. This allows for superior traction of the jack on the rods and prevents the jack from slipping during delivery. The other unique feature is the Jack Release Pin. It locks the jack into a forward “gear,” or motion, preventing it from sliding on the rod. The Jack Release Pin should always be locked during deliveries, until the point at which the jack needs to be repositioned, released, or slid back down the rod. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at



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