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Species cattle

Active Ingredient

calcium | vitamin D


Cal-Evate Bolus is an oral calcium and vitamin D supplement for freshening cows, with fast and sustained release of calcium.

* Cal-Evate contains two readily available calcium salts Calcium chloride is very rapidly absorbed Calcium sulfate provides a sustained release of calcium *Calcium chloride and calcium sulfate are anionic salts that promote PTH function for optimal absorption * Cal-Evate has a double waxy triglyceride coating to safely protect the esophagus and for easy swallowing * Cal-Evate is proven to dissolve quickly in solution, and the bolus dissolves within 30 minutes, making the calcium readily available to the cow * Vitamin D3 aids in calcium absorption and metabolism * Manufactured in a GMP+ certified facility Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


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