Click to enlargeBolisorb Max Bolus 20gm, Absorbent Anti-Diarrheal Demulcent


Species cattle

Active Ingredient attapulgite clay | kaolin | pectin | sodium bicarbonate Description

An adsorbent anti-diarrheal demulcent bolus (20 mg) for use as an aid in relief of simple non-infectious diarrhea in adult cattle and horses, as well as in calves and foals older than 3 weeks. CONTAINS: Attapulgite clay, kaolin, carob flour, lactose, sodium bicarbonate, pectin, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, citric acid, magnesium trisilicate and magnesium stearate. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


50 ct  20 gm50 ct 20 gm

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