Click to enlargeBovine IgG Calf's Choice Total Gold Colostrum Replacement


Calfs Choice Total Gold has a high concentration of bovine IgG and is intended for calves needing extra immunity. Gold is a natural bovine colostrum powder that is rich in colostral fat, a critical early source of energy and warmth for newborn calves. Gold is made only from natural, premium quality bovine colostrum and is free of disease causing organisms that can be transmitted in colostrum.

Mix the powder with water (110 to 120F or 43 to 49C) and feed within 2 hours of birth. Calves should receive a second feeding of colostrum within 8 hours.


225 gm F10-A125-1$21.93
30 x 225 gm @ 20.93 F10-A125-2$627.90

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