Click to enlargeBOVIKALC Dry Anionic Mineral Feed Supplement


Description Oral mineral supplement helps maintain cow comfort by reducing milk production at dry-off. This is caused by inducing a slight and temporary metabolic acidosis. Reduction of milk production is beneficial for udder health because it decreases udder engorgement and pressure, which helps reduce discomfort. After administration, the bolus dissolves into the rumen within 30 minutes and the anionic salts are released and then absorbed, which impacts the cow’s acid-base balance.

Contains calcium chloride, calcium sulfate and ammonium chloride.

Directions: Give 2 boluses at last milking or 8-12 hours before the last milking. Do not administer more than 4 boluses per 24 hours. Call toll free 1-800-892-6978 or email us at


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