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Product Description Aqua X-Cell® Finisher is a performance blend of essential oils from Zinpro Specialty Products® developed to support wellness, hydration, and healthy grow-out in poultry.

Made with NutrEssence™, our proprietary, water soluble blend of essential oils, Aqua X-Cell® Finisher is a concentrated natural flavoring designed for easy delivery through water proportioning systems to stabilize internal microbiota and increase water consumption to hydrate broilers before live haul when used the last two days of grow-out. In broilers, pullets, breeders, and layers, Aqua X-Cell Finisher strengthens gut walls and calms animals for improved uniformity and healthier flocks.

Contact your Zinpro Sales Representative for more information about how Aqua X-Cell® Finisher can help your animals and your operation excel.


qt N3-A132-1$48.15

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