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Convenient, concentrated liquid suspension offers faster knockdown at lower application rates (as compared to other pyrethroids) with long duration of activity, plus extended longevity in soil and litter for long-term protection. Provides up to 1 month residual control of flies as well as demonstrated long-term efficacy against ants. Exceptionally safe - may be applied in cracks and crevices of buildings occupied by livestock or poultry. Contains a new active ingredient (7.9% bifenthrin) making it ideal for rotation. Controls pests resistant to other pyrethroids, organophosphates, carbamates and spinosyns.

Mix 0.33-1 oz with 1 gal water; apply per 1,000 sq ft to indoor cracks and crevices, and exterior walls and foundation perimeters. Odorless during application. Does not cause skin irritation when used as directed; no special clothing required by handler. EPA registered for both food and non-food handling areas.



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